Sama Libnan offer the customers high original Egyptian furniture and at the same time in very suitable prices and compete any other furniture shop.
  • We make all kinds of Egyptian furniture i.e Salons, Sofas, Master rooms, Dining rooms, Antiques.
  • Our work goes as follows: We take the measurements of the requested place, and then we design it according to the requiries of the customers.
  • We also have connected seats like Egyptian seats which is distinguished by the original quality of wood and the high qualified painting.
  • We also have the Moroccan Seats which is distinguished by choosing the kind of wood according to the design, as this kind of furniture is highly dug by CNC Machines. We also have a factory of Upholstery of high professional Upholsters.
  • We also have the Arabic seats which are distinguished by the distinctive simple design.
  • We also have the curtains with all kinds of textile which is distinguished by the highly universal qualification. As we have high professional curtain makers who are capable of doing all kinds of designations.
  • We also decorate your house from inside in all kinds of decoration, Gypsum-inboard, Painting and all kinds of distinctive designation.